The new focus at EEMA is to build engagement across the regions to ensure maximum participation and regional development:

The North Zone initiated MANTHAN: The churning of the Ocean of Milk is one of the most famous tales appearing in the Mahabharata. Striding on the same lines innovative and out of the box stratagems were brainstormed in a team building activity amongst which the following propositions were unanimously voted as most popular:

  • Share with Care – a charitable initiative to aid the needy
  • Employee Engagement- engagement of EEMA north employees and members
  • Vendors/Partners Day- aimed at evoking pride among vendors and partners being a part of EEMA
  • Money HaiToh Honey Hai- An initiative to generate revenues and share profits through talent and artist acquisition


GURUCOOL took shape as an outcome of Manthan, to provide interactive learning for members and their employees alike by industry stalwarts, wherein they spoke on their experiences and learning in the event industry.


The South Zone hosted FUND STREET wherein senior professionals from KPMG shared insights on funding option and taxation with business and finance heads of agencies in an interactive learning platform in Bangalore.


The POWER BRUNCH started a new trend in thoughts leadership and networking, and in its inaugural session the celebrated author Amish Tripathi enthralled the audience in the West Zone with his philosophy of success.


The First issue of EEMAG, the in-house developed industry newsletter was digitally launched to members and industry stakeholders in October 2014.

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