CJ’s Events a Brand BY KKB Holdings Pvt Ltd

CJ’s Events a Brand BY KKB Holdings Pvt Ltd
Mr Chitvan Jaipuria
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44B, Syed Amir Ali Avenue
2nd Floor
Kolkata 700 017
West Bengal

There are a number of companies hosting and organizing events
on a regular basis. But all said and done, event management is
about organization and execution. Those in this field are paid for
their services. But does payment guarantee the satisfaction you
are seeking for? Today, there are a number of companies, who
have entered this field because they realize the potential of this
market where demand and supply is concerned? In fact, the most
profitable aspect of this field is the need for creativity. This is where
we at CJ’s Events has excelled from others. We don’t recreate, we
creatively Create the Dream of yours in your own very way