E365 Media Solutions

E365 Media Solutions
Kinjal Bhattacharya
242/ 1B, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Road, Arvind Towers, Flat 4, 1st Floor, Kolkata- 700004
Kolkata Office: 5H, Cornfield Road, Annapoorna Apartments, Flat 1B, 1st Floor, Kolkata- 700019. Mumbai Office: 3, Chitrakar Dhurandhar Road, Dev Ashish Apartments, Flat 15, 3rd Floor, Danpada Junction, Khar Danda, Khar West, Mumbai- 400052.

E365 Media Solutions was formed as a tiny startup business named “E365” on 14th February, 2006, by a young music loving engineering student. In the last 11 years, we have been able to graduate to one of the leading event management agencies of east India, thus winning the prestigious award of “Best Event Manager of the Year” from Usha Uthup’s Stagecraft Foundation. The agency’s strongest forte is artiste and concert management, representing 50+ exclusive live musical talents under our wing www.bandedge.in, as well us running Kolkata’s only international live music concert IP- THE Festival. We also do MICE, activations, endorsements, weddings, campus events, creativision, event production, branding and fabrication. We are probably the only event agency in this part of the country with an in-house IT and tele-marketing wing. Consult us, hire us or collaborate with us- we are sure to bond forever!