EEMAX GLOBAL Awards Evaluation Process

The appointed auditors Anand and Anand will validate each step of the winner-determination process. Awards Management Team will comprise the EEMA secretariat under the stewardship of the Director General and Safir Anand.

Each entry submitted will be verified by the Awards Management Team to see if it meets the following submission criteria:
  • Agency submission with all details should be in place.
  • Client approval is in place.
  • Payment for Membership and award entry is complete.
  • Supporting material for the entry is in place – A 3 min AV with a focus on key areas as applicable to the award category will be required to be submitted. The Audio visual and story board must be specific to the category applied for.
  • No agency branding is there in any part of the entry submitted – any mention or indication of agency branding or identification could disqualify the entry. This should be redundant as most folks know who does what.
  • At the end of this stage the Awards Management Team will approve the entry for screening
  • All the approved entries for each category will be showcased on the Jury interface
View access of all approved entries will be given to the Screening Jury or Jury of Peers and the following process will unfold:
  • The selection committee will comprise domain experts from outside of EEMA's membership.
  • The screening jury will shortlist up to 5 entries for each category
  • Selection committee sessions will be conducted online post the closing date of entries
  • The selection committee scores and opinions will be confidential and validated by the auditors.
  • Only the nominated entries will be screened at the Jury meeting.
  • The nominated work will be published on the EEMAX GLOBAL website on a date to be pre decided and communicated to all members.
The EEMAX Jury will be chaired by the President and will consist of leaders in media, events, marketing, social events, IP and corporate world.
  • The Director General of EEMA will be a member of the committee
  • The Jury names will be shared on the EEMAX Global website
  • The jury scores and process will be supervised in its entirety by the auditors in conjunction with the Director General.
The final winners of GOLD, SILVER or BRONZE will be decided on the basis of scores tabulated by the auditors and will be held in confidence till the awards ceremony.

Evaluated by an independent and diverse jury panel comprising of thought-leaders from across the globe, EEMAX Global 2019 Awards celebrate and recognize excellence that inspires.

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