Here are the guidelines for submitting an entry to EEMAX Global Awards

  • 1. EEMA members and Clients from India can submit entries at EEMAX GLOBAL Awards 2019
  • 2. Any International entity including agencies and clients from the events and experiential industry, can also submit their entry at the EEMAX Global Awards 2019
  • 3. Sponsors of the EEMAX GLOBAL Awards 2019 will not be allowed to submit entries.
Category EEMA Member Nonmember Client International
Award entry Rs.7670 Rs.10030 Rs.11800 $117
The above fee is inclusive of GST
You will find the procedure and rules for submitting your entries for the EEMAX GLOBAL Awards 2019 in this section. If you have any additional questions or require any clarifications regarding the entry submission process or awards evaluation process, please email at
  • Entries for the events and activations produced in the year 2018 – 19 i.e. 01 April 2018 – 31 March 2019 are eligible for being an entry
  • Applications for EEMAX Global Awards 2019 have to be done online At - Kindly follow the registration process to sign up and create your account before starting the procedure of entries submission.
  • More than one entry in an award category by a single entity is permitted.
  • All fields in the PROJECT INFORMATION FORM and CLIENT INFORMATION FORM need to be completed. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • If you are applying in multiple categories, you can make an aggregate payment for the multiple nominations online.
  • Payment for all entries will be online – accordingly your invoice and receipt will also be generated.
  • Please note that the member entries will only qualify if the members have no outstanding due against their membership fee. In case the membership fee is not paid then the entry will be disqualified and no refund will be made.
  • Each award entry you submit must:
    • Have a storyboard to be uploaded in the segment where 4 photographs have to be uploaded. (soft copy format). It can be one storyboard and three photographs or In a write up format. (Photographs should be max. 3MB each)
    • For the write up, following are the character limits for each box: concept - 1200, Objective - 1200, Amplification-1200 and Results- 800 (They should not exceed this limit)
    • Be supported with an AV film presentation in MP4 format (wherever mandatory). Refer to the AV requirements section to confirm whether an AV is mandatory or optional for your relevant award category. The AV for your entry must not exceed 3 minutes. Kindly note: Award entries where the AV submission is not mandatory may still be accompanied by an AV if the agency chooses to do so. Video links which are either public or unlisted shall be considered.
    • Ensure that the name of the event/activation agency should NOT appear anywhere in the award entry and collaterals (Storyboard, AV film presentation, anywhere else on the entry). Not adhering to this could lead to disqualification.
    • In the event of an IP the company name may appear.
  • We recommend that you also save a copy of your submitted forms with you for your records.
  • Completed entries should be submitted by the end of the day on 6th July, 2019.
  • The CLIENT APPROVAL PROCESS for the entries will be through the following process:
    • For each entry, the applicants will provide the details of the client (name, designation, company name & e-mail id).
    • Once you submit your client details for the respective entry, an automated mail will be sent to the client asking for approval for the particular entry.
    • The mail sent to the client will be marked to the primary agency contact person & audit agency personnel.
    • The client will be asked to reply to that mail only whether they approve the entry or not. This reply will be considered as the requisite client approval for the entry.
    • Applicants are advised to inform their clients beforehand about the receipt of these mails so that they reply at the earliest.
    • They can reply as and when they receive the mail. For each entry, a separate approval mail will be sent to the clients so they need to reply on all the mails that they receive
    • All the client approvals for the entries should come in by the last date for entry submission i.e. 6th July, 2019

Evaluated by an independent and diverse jury panel comprising of thought-leaders from across the globe, EEMAX Global 2019 Awards celebrate and recognize excellence that inspires.

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